About PCHS

What are Cooperative Housing Societies?

The vision of Chief Minister and his team has done extraordinary reforms and given a tremendous uplift to the residential projects in Punjab. These residential reforms have helped advancement and growth of cooperative Housing Societies across Punjab. The Punjab Government has identified and realized the ever increasing residential needs of Lahore and thus given Cooperative Societies encouragement to deliver better housing for people.

With already many successful Cooperative Housing Societies in Lahore such as TECH, Model Town, PCSIR Employees, Valencia, Wapda Town and more. The PCHS is an effort of professionals who belong to diverse industry verticals.

The Professionals Cooperative Housing Society Limited is a trustworthy effort of experts who have a dream of bringing together the professionals from different industry verticals in one place and provide them best lifestyle which they are worthy of.

What is PCHS?

The Professionals Cooperative Housing Society Limited is basically a joint responsibility of the managing committee and all members of the society to achieve the goal of Dispute Free Housing Community. Our major and core purpose is to become useful to all officers, members and managing committee members. It is expected that everyone should use this opportunity for making a cordial relation together because it is main aspect of the co-operation that “United we stand divided we fall”.